Totally Not Magical Me & A River Walk

I was going to continue letting out everything that I needed to let out, but today has been quite a day.

I was up until past 4am dealing with a (becoming) abusive relationship between the lovebirds and making one of them see sense. I was told that I was more helpful than the counsellor one had seen five times, and was blunt with the other, saying what he needed to hear. “Her” mum was so happy when she found out what I’d managed to achieve that I’ve been declared her adopted daughter and invited round for a pamper day.

Sixth form friend’s girlfriend came round just before lunch and I called up the other lovebird and told him a lot of things he needed but didn’t want to hear but I seem to be the only person that can get through to him. I’m one of two people he classes as his friends and I see through the behaviour that he hides his insecurity behind. He asked me to be his counsellor in place of the one he currently sees. Like dude, I have no qualifications. But I can’t turn away a friend in need. My fellow third wheel’s reaction to my inability to say no was pretty much “Heeeellllllllllll nooooooo!” He said I was too ill and knackered and tired for all that stress and that saying no wasn’t selfish.

Somewhere among all of this, there was a head lice scare (people I know have them from someone’s little brother) which led to me combing my hair with a comb, and then with a toothbrush (I didn’t have a nit comb and needed fine bristles – there was not a single little bug but my head still feels like it is crawling).

I then met up with another friend I used to go to sixth form with. We went shopping, I bought ALL THE FOOD and some clothes. My bank account hates me. Hates. Me. Then we went and sat in her back garden on a swinging bench thing (I know you called it a hammock) for ages and just talked. I came home.

My fellow third wheel and I are going out on my dad’s boat together tomorrow, with my fellow third wheel’s dad too (who I have bought a crate of beer to thank for driving me home from hospital, because he refused to accept my money for petrol or the food he got us or his time or anything and he was SO KIND). So we got distracted also arranging this, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them both to be honest. In arranging things to do with this (which my dad left me to plan) my dad had a bit of a dig at me, saying he hadn’t changed at all. I pointed out that if he hadn’t changed at all, I would never have been able to spend even a week in this house, let alone eight. He said that if he had changed then I can’t have, because he still feels the same way about me.  He made me hate myself for a very long time. He… I’m not even going there. I can’t. I’ll cry.

Anyway, I then saw next door’s puppy outside so I wandered out, wondering if he’d remember me or be excited when there were a load of kids out there playing football in the road and he was chasing the ball. He remembered. He charged at me wagging his tail so hard that his entire butt swayed violently from side to side with it. My next door neighbours smiled and emerged from behind a parked car where they’d been talking to someone else who lives in our cul-de-sac. They asked about Bob Jr. (my insulin pump, who was at that point sitting snugly in an armband and sleeve that I made out of Union Jack physio tape – in preparation for the impending olympics – which still allows me to see the buttons and screen. I was quite impressed that my design even worked but ANYWAY this is not the point) We talked about the events of Norfolk. They went into their house and invited me with them and once again I found myself sat in their kitchen with a puppy laying by me, having a big long heart to heart with my surrogate mother while her lovely husband offered me food and drink and joined our conversation. We talked for ages. And then the lovebirds turned up for some joint relationship counselling (I am that friend that is eternally single yet seems to be great at relationship advice)

I got a huge hug, because I managed to significantly help get sixth form friend a new job (sort of had a feeling he was about to get fired from his current job, and he did).

We went to the local village shop and I bought lemonade and sweets, and we sat in the car and ate mint humbugs by the river. We went for a walk and I could see the yacht club I will be sailing from tomorrow and the teeny tiny distant dots of moored boats (one of which is my dad’s). The sun slowly started to set. We were freezing.

Processed with MOLDIV
For those of you who don’t know, I love being by rivers and water. Maybe it’s due to my love of sailing and swimming. Living in London, I often walk along the Thames at 2am, sometimes alone, sometimes with one of a handful of friends, and then get the night bus home. This river, a few minutes from where I live, is the place where for the first time in my life I felt like I fitted. It is where I felt good at something and good for something. I learned to sail on it, I built rafts on it, I’ve won sailing races on it, I’ve laughed on it, I’ve even been unconscious in it. I have so many fond memories of this river, mostly just around the corner from where these photos were taken. The place in these photos is where we took my dog for one of his very first walks and he got bitten on the nose by another dog and got scared and 10 year old me had to carry him (thankfully he was a puppy). Rivers fix everything. And rivers bring me to life. This walk made me SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY!

The two of us girls were in flip-flops. We walked along the dual carriageway back to the car, and then we came back to my parent’s house (me still messaging my fellow third wheel) and I sat the two lovebirds down, and started the conversation they didn’t know how to start and would never have had if it hadn’t been forced (I had been asked to start the conversation, I wasn’t being a poop). I had to say a lot at first, to prompt them, to raise the issues and start the topics, but eventually they got there on their own. They called me magic. They called me amazing. They are clearly ridiculous.

It’s just like in toy story – a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Not sure what this was, just needed to not break my posting-every-day-for-a-month-and-a-bit streak, sorry guys.

No way but through.


2 thoughts on “Totally Not Magical Me & A River Walk

  1. Are the lovebirds your parents and sixth form a sibling? I want to be sure I am keeping my “characters” straight!

    The river sounds like such a reinvigorating place to visit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, they genuinely are my friend from sixth form, and the lovebirds simply refers to him and his girlfriend. It’s awkward to be around the two lovebirds sometimes, hence why my other friend who usually hangs out with the three of us is referred to as my fellow third wheel. Maybe I should clarify that at some point somehow haha.

      My parents are usually referred to as my parents or mentioned as my mum/ mother and dad/ the man I call dad. Likewise my siblings are little brother, Bournemouth sister, Dubai sister. I tend to just call people what they are to me, it’s more difficult with friends and stuff because they are all awesome so I get a little bit stuck there.

      My parents would never go for a river walk! Definitely never my mum, she is not an outdoors person at all.

      But yeah, the river is AMAZING. I love it ☺️


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