Flatline Clothing Is Go!

Flatline banner

I was bored. I needed a project. I am too unwell to get a job yet need to be able to afford to continue living in London and would like to be able to fund a service dog in order to reduce my chances of running off with the grim reaper (and change my life by giving me back my independence and taking away the fear I have). I don’t like asking for handouts and had thought about selling t-shirts for a long time. I bit the bullet all of a sudden for some reason and Flatline Clothing was born (yes that name is sort of to do with health hiccups and heart issues. Took me so long to come up with a name that wasn’t taken!).

I’ve been sitting on this news for just over a month, slowly working on it as and when I get the time until today I have finally created a few products (hardly any of which are clothing, ironically). My vision sucks – I have double vision and a time delay and see after images. My left visual field is more of a left visual lawn. In combination with this and the fact that I can’t use graphics software, the logo is a little COMPLETELY POORLY CREATED. I fail epically at designing t-shirts and all the products are currently black and white because I like the aesthetic of that. But I have finally set up a website. You can get a teddy bear. A TEDDY BEAR. I mean come on guys, who doesn’t want a teddy bear? It’s wearing a t-shirt that says “NO WAY BUT THROUGH” on it because hey, that is a philosophy I live by. So not only is he a teddy bear, but he’s a motivational and supportive teddy bear who totally has your back when you feel like there’s no way through at all. There’s also flip-flops and a phone case in the same design and a mug and… Not a lot else at the minute. But hey, they make great gifts for people that need a little motivation every now and again. I didn’t set the prices, so don’t shoot me, but it’s just something I thought I’d have a shot at.

I plan to branch out into a bunch of health puns and motivational stuff, because there are a whole community of chronically ill people out there that I feel could really relate and personally I love it when a pun or phrase on a t-shirt completely connects with me in a way healthy people can’t. Anyway, Flatline Clothing is go (when I make the page active)!

Flatline banner


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