Christmas Exploring

Last night was so amazing. I did so many things I had been wanting to try and saw so many places, with the loveliest company. This post may be boring, but it’s a nice one, all the stuff in it to me is beyond amazing.

I made my way to Embankment yesterday evening and walked along the a strand to Trafalgar Square alone to see the giant Christmas tree given to London by Norway. Then I wandered to Leicester Square and through the little Christmas market there, and on to Picadilly circus, where I was going to meet Same Cardiologist Uni Friend. I ended up standing in Picadilly Circus tube station for an hour thawing out while I waited for them (because it was so cold that even in a million layers I was shivering and couldn’t fee my legs or fingers). The announcer was Irish and had so much sass, it was hilarious.

Then SC Uni Friend and her partner and both their families showed up. I was so scared to be around so many people but they were so chilled out and friendly and accepting. We wandered through Chinatown and then along Regents Street and Oxford Street. As we walked down Oxford Street, it snowed. It actually snowed. The first snow of winter among all the Christmas lights and it was MAGICAL. So we decided to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. 

On the way we stopped at McDonalds and I tried my first McDonald’s apple pie, which I LOVED. Talking and laughing and stopping to take photos everywhere we made our way to Marble Arch and on to Winter Wonderland which is basically a giant winter fairground/ theme park. They bought churros and I had my first ever churro and it was so nice to be around a family doing lovely family things. That in itself was magic. It was freezing cold and I suddenly remembered that if my insulin gets below 2 degrees Celsius it doesn’t work any more and I would therefore endanger my life. Up ing hearing this everyone decided to help find a solution, and SC Uni Friend’s 18 year old brother gave me both his gloves to put my insulin pump in so that it wouldn’t freeze in my pocket. They were so nice to me. It was so weird.

I went back to their house with them and we stayed up until 3am playing games all day around their dining table talking. The bought three huge 18 inch pizzas between  the 9 of us and their dog was instantly obsessed with me…

And then at the end it all went wrong and I wanted to leave and also stop existing, but when I woke up this morning that settled and went and I’ve spent the last three hours sat around a table talking to this family that isn’t my own. It’s so weird to see a family do so much together and be so close but it’s so nice just to see.

And now look at the post I wrote tomorrow morning. Life goes on. No matter how difficult it gets and how badly you don’t know how to fave it, it goes on. And magic like this happens.

No way but through.


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